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Please feel to contact me with any questions you may have concerning the content of the blog, photography questions or just to introduce yourself.

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If you are interested in procuring a rights-managed use, you may request a price quote by contacting me at the email listed above.

What images can be licensed?

All of my works posted here on are available to be licensed for your projects. This includes high-quality images that can be browsed in my Galleries or ones found in my blog.

My full catalog includes many thousands of images and is growing regularly, so do not hesitate to contact me with specific image needs if you cannot readily find what you’re looking for here at

What are the advantages of rights-managed licensing?

While the bargain-basement pricing of royalty-free photography may be alluring, rights-managed photography enables a level of quality, certainty and exclusivity that can be crucial for important projects.

  • Rights-managed licenses are clear, reliable and designed with your specific use in mind. In contrast, royalty-free images come with a massive list of complicated legal restrictions and it can be difficult to determine exactly what you can and cannot do with them.
  • Every rights-managed photograph has a fully-documented history. You can steer clear of images that have been used already in your geographical area or those that have been run by your competitors.
  • Various degrees of exclusivity can be bundled with your rights-managed license. For example, you can ensure that nobody in your geographical region (or even world-wide) will use the photograph at the same time that you are.

How do rights-managed licenses work?

The price of a rights-managed license is tailored to your precise needs, so determining a license cost typically relies upon understanding the specifics of your desired usage. These criteria include, but are not limited to:

  • image size
  • medium (print, online, etc)
  • area of distribution
  • location of placement (if applicable)
  • length of time for usage (“one print run”, “a permanent exhibit”, etc)
  • degree of exclusivity (optional)

If you’re interested in licensing some imagery, give these factors a bit of thought. Of course, I’ll be happy to guide you through the process of determining the license that works best for your needs.